International Ultzama Campus 2011: “Arrivals/Departures”



Centro Hípico de Alto Rendimiento de la Ultzama

International Ultzama Campus 2011: “Arrivals/Departures”

Director José Manuel Pozo
23th, 24th, 25th and 26th of June 2011 in the Equestrian Center in the Ultzama Valley.

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The Campus is an encounter of student-architects—8 Spanish and 8 foreign—from different areas of knowledge and specialization. The 16 have to have earned their architectural degrees no earlier than the year 2000, and must be currently engaged in professional activities in simultaneity with further studies through graduate (master) or postgraduate (doctoral) programs.

Methodology: The event involves the “on campus” convivence of the 16 student-architects selected, by virtue of their academic credentials, to deliberate on ambitious themes (one per day) and reach conclusions. The dialogs will be moderated by trustees of the Fundación Arquitectura y Sociedad, representatives of the printed media, and an international expert team of educators and cultural curators.

Theme: The young and veteran participants will together tackle current issues in architecture and the practice of this cultural industry, from energy efficiency to formal rigor and its capacity to connect to other fields of knowledge, techniques, and cultural products, innovative and industrial. The idea is to bring together the voice of experience and the expectations of generations still in the process of finishing their studies or training with a view to beginning their careers.

Documentation: The dialogs and other proceedings of the encounter will be put together in a high-quality publication to be distributed in Spain in print form and through the web.



Director: José Manuel Pozo


Anne Lacaton (París, France)
Wilfried Wang (Austin-Texas, United States) text
Camilo Rebelo (Oporto, Portugal) text
Marcelo Villafañe (Rosario, Argentina) text
Gerardo Caballero (Rosario, Argentina) text
Juan Miguel Otxotorena (Pamplona, Spain) text
Eduardo Pesquera (Madrid, Spain) text
Tadej Glazar (Slovenia) text

8 Young Architects from different parts of the world:

Leopold Banchini (Switzerland) text
Jure Grohar (Slovenia) text
Vishwanath Kashikar (India) text
Jaewon Yoon (Republic of Korea) text
Rola Idris (Lebanon) text
Anne-Julchen Bernhardt (Köln, Germany) text
Nicolás Campodonico (Rosario, Argentina) text
Nuno Grande (Oporto, Portugal) text

8Young Spanish Architects:

José María Sánchez (Madrid) text
Enrique Krahe (Madrid/Delft) text
Rubén Alcolea y Jorge Tárrago (Pamplona) text
Jacobo García Germán (Madrid) text
Javier Larraz (Pamplona) text
Josep Ferrando Bramona (Barcelona) text
Iñaki Carnicero (Madrid) text
José Juan Barba (Madrid) text


Félix Arranz


Llàtzer Moix (Barcelona)

Special Guests:

Patxi Mangado
Ignacio Dahl Rocha (Laussanne)
José Luis Cortés Delgado (México)
Mariano González Presencio (Pamplona)

Press and Media:

LosdelDesierto (Eva Luque y Alejandro Pascual)
Arquitectura Viva (Lys Villalba)


Miguel Hualde

Architecture and Society Foundation:

José Tono Martínez
Maite Rodríguez

David Platero
Rocío Colomer
Gina Cariño



The Fundación Arquitectura y Sociedad and this seminar enjoy the support and generous sponsorship of Gobierno de Navarra, Dynamobel, Gas Natural Fenosa, Mangado & Asociados, Fundación Oteiza, El Corte Inglés, LAMP, TECHNAL, Ministerio de Cultura, Secretaría de Estado de Vivienda y Actuaciones Urbanas (Ministerio de Fomento), AECID, Embajada de Francia , Embajada de Suiza , Caja Rural de Navarra, Ayuntamiento de Pamplona and Universidad de Navarra.

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